Protex·Japan - Profile&History


Excellent-value "MADE IN KYOTO (JAPAN)" cosmetics and toiletries.

ceo_sakai yoshiaki

President & CEO
Hahonico Inc. President & CEO
Yoshiaki Sakai

PROTEX·JAPAN was born in 1998 as an OEM cosmetics planning and manufacturing firm. In 2009, we established a laboratory and plant in Kyoto to conduct world-class product creation through an excellent team working in excellent facilities. With all of our staff working together as one, we create skin care and hair care products that can be recommended to customers with confidence. We also conduct various research and development projects through collaboration among industry, academia, and government. In recent years, we have established sites in Indonesia and Shanghai, and are delivering information throughout Asia, the US, Europe, and the rest of the world. We believe that our company could not exist except through interactions with others, and will always treasure our encounters and relationships with our customers. As we continue our unyielding efforts toward further growth, we humbly ask for your ongoing support.


Corporate profile

Company name
Protex·japan Inc.

Hikaridai 3-2-1, Seika-cho, Souraku-gun, Kyoto


10 million yen

Yoshiaki Sakai

Number of employees

Main business
Research and development
Manufacture of cosmetics and quasi drugs
Technology and sales consulting
Product development department
In-house product sales department
Salon development department

Main banks
The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Ltd. Uehonmachi Branch
Resona Bank, Ltd. Kosaka Branch
Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation, Fujiidera Branch

Company history

PROTEX·JAPAN Laboratories founded (individual)
Began development and manufacture of in-house products (PROTEX·JAPAN)
Began OEM development and manufacture for cosmetics manufacturers

January 1998
Established PROTEX·JAPAN Inc.

August 1999
Launched Hahonico Sales Department; began development and sales of in-house products (Hahonico)

October 2001
Opened Hahonico Fukuoka Sales Office

January 2003
Established CV. PROTEX INDO (Indonesian branch)

December 2004
Completion of the PROTEX·JAPAN Building
Change of organization from Hahonico Sales Department to Hahonico Inc.

January 2007
Opened Hahonico Inc., Tokyo Branch / Education Laboratory

January 2008
Opened Hahonico Inc., Sapporo Sales Office

January 2009
Relocated PROTEX·JAPAN Inc. main office in conjunction with establishment of Kyoto Plant and Laboratory

February 2011
Established Shanghai Mingziyanshe Industry Co., Ltd. as the PROTEX·JAPAN Enterprise Group

July 2011
Opened PROTEX·JAPAN Inc., Tokyo Office

September 2011
Opened Hahonico Inc., Nagoya Branch